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Our motto in Live Soap School is anyone can learn anything with the right tools. Our goal is to create an immersive and supportive online training environment where you can be successful quickly.

We offer online classes on soap making and business technology. Our classes are accessible 24×7 so you can take them wherever you are whenever you have time. If you have an internet connection, you can learn something today in Live Soap School.

Zakia Ringgold

Zakia teaches cold process soap making, hot process soap making, bath treats and online systems for small business owners. She has over 15 years of training experience, has wrote two books on Soap Making and has trained over 100 people on how to make their own bath products online and in-person.

Zakia has over 15 years of course design and development experience and has a love for technology. She combines this skillset with a passion for helping others to teach classes in Live Soap School.

Our Story

About Us

How We Got Started

Zakia Ringgold (creator of Live Soap School) fell in love with live streaming and  “Goes-Live” on Periscope and Facebook making handcrafted natural soap and bath products for viewers and students all over the world. Increasingly viewers of her live broadcast would ask for one on one trainings and in-depth courses which resulted in the creation of Live Soap School.  Zakia combined her 15 years of experience developing online courses with her extensive knowledge and passion for soap making to create a complete program for people interested in learning how to make soap online, from the comfort of their own home at their own pace.

What We Teach

Cold Process Soap

Hot Process Soap

Melt and Pour Glycerin Soap

Bath Bombs, Sugar Scrubs, Lotion Bars and more

Online Business Technology

Email Marketing

Ecommerce Store

WordPress Blogging and Websites

Take a Class

You can learn WordPress, eCommerce, Social Media and live streaming to help get your business going online.

Whether you want to start making soap as a hobby or business or if you are attempting to bring your business online, Live Soap School has the program for you.

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