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Course Description

Learn how to make your own soap in our self-paced online course.  If you’ve always wanted to try different soap-making recipes, create your own signature items for personal use, for gifts or for profit, or just learn about what goes into making a soap, this class is for you!

With or without any experience you will learn the foundations of soap making: supplies and ingredients to make soap from scratch, cold-process soap method; how to create your own recipes; how to use online soap calculators, scenting your soap, colorants, additives and more.
Best of all the course has video demonstrations of the soap-making techniques as well as photos, step-by-step instructions and your instructor along with fellow students are available in our program forum and private group to answer questions and offer support. You are also granted access to a monthly group coaching call for a live soap along and Q&A with the instructor.

Learn a new creative ‘art’! Enroll in Introduction to Soap Making today!

Course Curriculum

Get Started with Making Soap FREE 00:07:00
Orientation to Online Soap Making Program
Understanding Your Why 00:08:00
Pinpoint why you want to make soap to guide many of the decisions you will need to make with ingredients, processes and supplies.
What is Soap and How is Soap Made 00:07:00
An overview of soap making and FDA rules on what soap truly is.
Three Primary Methods to Make Soap 00:05:00
Learn the difference between melt and pour, cold process and hot process soap.
Supplies and Ingredients 00:15:00
Explanation of all the supplies and ingredients you need to start making soap.
Lesson 1 Wrap Up 00:05:00
Review what was covered throughout the lessons and access lesson attachments.
Science of Soap Making & Working with Lye
Soap Science And Soap Safety Lesson Overview 00:07:00
Learn about saponification and chemistry of making handcrafted soap.
Science of Soap Making 00:05:00
Get an overview of components that make up the science behind soap making.
Two Types of Lye NaOH and KOH 00:15:00
Distinguish between two types of lye used in making soap.
Working with Lye and Soap Safety 00:25:00
This lesson outlines steps needed to work safely with lye and create a lye solution.
Understanding and Measuring pH in Soap 00:05:00
This lesson will explain what pH is, why it matters and how to test it in your soap.
Soap Safety Lesson Wrap Up 00:05:00
Review of important soap making concepts and soap safety considerations when working with lye.
Soap Ingredients
Ingredients Lesson Overview 00:05:00
Learn the primary ingredients used to make soap and why fatty acids are so important.
Fatty Acids in Soap Making 00:15:00
Fatty acids are the crucial deciding factor for how your soap turns out. This lesson provides in-depth review of each of the Fatty Acids.
Properties of Oils and Butters 00:05:00
Learn how to identify oil and butter characteristics for a balanced soap recipe.
Scenting your soap with Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils 00:30:00
Distinguish between essential oils and fragrance oils and how to use them to scent your handmade soap.
Soap Ingredients Lesson Wrap Up 00:10:00
Review primary ingredients and how they are used in creating recipes for soap making.
Creating Recipes and Melt and Pour Soap
Creating Soap Recipes Lesson Overview 00:05:00
This lesson walks through creating and reading recipes to make your own signature bars of soap.
Using Online Soap Calculators 00:20:00
Learn how to read and interpret soap recipes using online soap calculators.
How to Create Your Own Soap Recipe 00:15:00
Learn the steps to create your own soap recipe from scratch.
Bonus Lesson – Making Melt and Pour Soap 00:10:00
Make a simple batch of soap using Melt and Pour soap process.
Making Soap Lesson Wrap-Up 00:15:00
Lesson review and wrap up for soap recipes and making soap.
Making Soap Using Cold Process Method
Cold Process Soap Lesson Overview 00:02:00
Cold Process Soap Important Considerations 00:09:00
Soaping safely is of the utmost importance, we review critical information for making soap safely.
Step By Step Cold Process Soap Making 01:00:00
Follow along and make your own cold process soap from scratch.
Cutting and Curing Your Soap 00:20:00
Overview of options to cut your soap and how to cure handmade soap.
Cold Process Soap Lesson Wrap Up 00:10:00
Course wrap up for Introduction to Soap Making.

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